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The Goal: To do a bachelor/ Master thesis, where the student designs a toolkit following the approach of design science research.

How: Using 3D modeling JavaScript libraries like three.js or WebGL to design a light browser based interface, which can enable everyday people to innovate.

Background: One of the approaches used by firms for integrating user innovation and design ideas is with ‘toolkits’. Toolkits refer to systems offered to customers so they can innovate through a learning-by-doing process. They give users some design capability so they can develop products themselves.

Toolkits are also used for mass customization, where they are used to elicit customer preferences and include them into the product design. These systems have been described  as configurators, choice boards, design systems, toolkits, or co-design platforms.

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Out of the many interesting research aspects of toolkits for user innovation and design, understanding how to design toolkits will bring a new perspective to this exciting topic.