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Andreas Braun

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Toolkits for user design is an approach to satisfy heterogeneous user needs. Especial- ly in the field of three dimensional printing toolkits are of high value. Customers using these tools can design products that fit their individual needs.
As the number of companies that are operating toolkits for user design increase, it is important to create a competitive advantage to separate from competitors.
This study investigates in the performance of these companies, regarding various customer related areas.
The aim of this study is to identify how companies could be structured strategically, to create value for their users and moreover competitive advantage.
I found that heterogeneous customer needs across different markets could be served by a marketplace structure. Furthermore it is a valuable strategy to occupy niche markets and profit from cooperation with external companies.
Another approach to create competitive advantage is to care about potential custom- ers more than other companies do and invest in community network and customer support.