Co-creation in retail - case study with Swisscom

The Bachelor's or Master's thesis deals with new functions by which classical, stationary retail can fulfill new value-added tasks.
The thesis shows a) the current state of research (retail, service and co-creation) and b) designs a concept of how co-creation surfaces (e.g. in the form of lab surfaces) can be embedded in retail surfaces and which adjustments are necessary.
Starting point should be findings from the open innovation laboratory JOSEPHS (by Fraunhofer IIS). Based on these findings, a current concept test by Swisscom should be accompanied and evaluated.

Data-driven services in sports

The innovation of new, data-driven services is not limited to industrial applications. Data-driven services can also be applied in football or other types of sport to deliver new offerings to both the fan as well as the athlete. This thesis should take a closer look at some examples of data-driven services that are currently offered.

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